Being industrious

I am being industrious this morning. I have industriously done my daily drawing for Every Day Matters, organized by Danny Gregory. I went to yoga class. Gold star for my forehead, I have taken care of some matters for my own Sketchbook group that I run, after a fashion. I deadheaded the roses. And now, yes I am posting on my blog. Have I found my way into my studio yet? Ah no…..

When I was a kid I wanted to learn everything I could about cats. I went to the adult section of the library and got out books solely on cats. I learned about how cats reproduce, I decided my parents did not do that. My current cat came from an cat lady’s home who takes in feral cats in and raises them for adoption, it was at her house, not a shelter. This cat has a sweet disposition as opposed to our other cat who would scratch you as soon as look at you. You never know do you?

About Sally Haig

San Francisco bay area artist. I like to write about my artistic trials and tribulations and triumphs. This can include occasional forays into my personal life though I try to keep the majority of my posts about the process of making art. Small art history lectures can creep in and commentary about artists I really like join the party too.
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