About the Artist

Been an artist all my life. Starting with making little booklets in grade school with illustrations, taking a painting class in 6th grade and on to a degree in fine arts from Bard College. I have won awards for my paintings, I have sold paintings but at the end of the day I paint to please myself. I spent more than a few years on “Mixed Media” but I don’t stay still.I like to work in a series until it runs out of steam. I now prefer to just paint, or “pushing paint” as the contemporary portrait painter Chuck Close says. Thanks for visiting my blog, January 2017


2 Responses to About the Artist

  1. TheBowTieButterFly says:

    I nominated you for an award! If you don’t feel like passing along or posting it on your page (no pressure! LOL) just letting you know you can “accept” it by commenting and/or posting 7 things about yourself! It’s the One Lovely Blog Award because you and your blog are so lovely! http://thebowtiebutterfly.com/2012/10/09/one-lovely-blog-award-nominations/

  2. Sally Haig says:

    Thanks so much! I always enjoy reading your blog too. Will work on the 7 things about myself list. Do I post that on your blog? I am a little confused. 🙂

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