Madison’s world

I have been working on a series about my cat, rescued from the Valley Human Society, a Tortoiseshell female who was one sick kitty when we first got her. She had problems with her gut and our Vet at the Parkway Veterinary in Dublin saved her. She has what our Vet calls Tortitude. And noted her long legs as a kitten.  She is very smart, and her various ways of getting her humans to serve her correctly are persistent and generally quite successful.

Tortoiseshell with Tortitude, painting by Sally Haig

Madison, the Tortoiseshell with Tortitude, painting by Sally Haig, acrylic paint, 9″ x 12 “

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Block printmaking

Working on a Christmas card color choices. Deadline looms, self imposed

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A trip to Kansas City MO

Ok then. Had a great time but…

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Painting at the Bagel Street Cafe

Circus Serenade

New series about circus performers and a different painting style for me. This painting can be seen at the Bagel Street Cafe in Dublin, California. Inspired by Marc Chagall’s paintings. It will be there through July 20, 2017.

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What have you been doing?


“Flying”, acrylic on canvas/paper, by Sally Haig

Needs to go back to WordPress school, but yes this is what I have been doing lately in the studio….

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Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?

Not me? Contour drawings. Then shaded or painted with the above referenced colors. Play time!

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Paintings at the Firehouse in February


It has been awhile since I have word pressed. But I am getting there. I will have my paintings on the Pleasanton Art League Memorial Wall in February 2nd to March 8th.

This one included, “Hidden”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″. I am planning to include local landscapes and paintings of the hidden spots I see when walking in the Foothills


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Drawing Fun

And I do mean fun. Contour drawings of heads. My drawings got better as I slowed down, looked and thought. 

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